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BMOV in Acute Myocardial lnfarction (AMI)

The BMOV drug development program as conducted by CFM concerning AMI aims at a superior systemic treatment based on the beneficial effects of intravenous administration of organic vanadium compounds.

The BMOV program is strongly aligned with the scientific and medical assignments of centres of excellence in the field of Cardiac care and Cardiac research, in particular with respect to enhancing the effectiveness of treatment of indirect injuries after PTCA procedures caused by AMI.

Reduction of tissue damage

The first major objective in the treatment of AMI is the prevention of indirect in jury. The second objective is to support tissue regeneration. Thirdly, it is the intention to improve the quality of life of the patient.

The preclinical data have shown excellent results of BMOV. One of the preclinical studies in rats, performed by prof. D.J. Duncker of the Erasmus MC, showed up to 42% reduction in infarction size.

The treatment

The intravenous treatment of AMI with BMOV is offering an innovative and promising fast controlled route to the exact place of injury (the necrotic and the surrounding areas where indirect injury takes place). With this, the BMOV program serves an unmet medical need and potentially brings fundamental relieve in serious disabling inflictions with a strong emotional impact as caused by AMI.

BMOV is extensively studied and appears to be an effective organic vanadium compound with a recognized safety profile and a reputed mechanism of action.

The main part of the coronary heart disease (CHD) patients is suffering from AMI, which is the most severe result of coronary ischemia. Coronary atherosclerosis is a chronic disease with stable and unstable periods. During unstable periods with activated inflammation in the vascular wall, patients may develop an AMI when the blood supply to a certain part of the heart is interrupted.

AMI may be a minor event in a lifelong chronic disease, it may even go undetected, but it may also be a major catastrophic event leading to sudden death or severe hemodynamic deterioration.

Company status

CFM has scheduled the Phase II and III program on Ischemic Cardiac tissue repair together with the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The research team of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam recognizes the potential of BMOV as a promising treatment for AMI and aims at setting a new standard of care in tissue repair. One of the strengths of BMOV is that already a single dose treatment appeared to be sufficient.

CFM conducts the clinical trial under the guidance of a global market leader