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“ CFM is providing new standards in tissue repair. ”



CFM is continuously investigating new drug compounds to ensure cutting edge therapies in trauma care at great length.



In order to expand its field of target indications, CFM tests new compounds in collaboration with leading international research groups.


Members of the research team of the Beverwijk Burns Centre are strongly supporting the BMOV drug development program as conducted by CFM. They have stated the following: “BMOV aims at superior systemic burn treatment based on the beneficial effects of intravenous administration of this specific organic vanadium drug compound. In our opinion, the BMOV program is very promising and of potential interest concerning the scientific and medical assignments of our centre of excellence in the field of burn care and burn research . We are in particular focused on enhancing the effectiveness of treatment of burn injuries”.

Reduction of tissue damage

The extent of the primary direct bum injury cannot be influenced, and therefore the first major objective in burn treatment is the prevention of "indirect" injury. A second objective is to support tissue regeneration. Thirdly, the achievement of a pliable, cosmetically acceptable, scar. Our major goal is carefully treating burn victims and enhancing their quality of life. The preclinical research data have shown excellent results of BMOV in these respects with up to 50% reduction of tissue damage following the burn trauma. Until now, only topical applications exist for burns, mostly with the limited objective of preventing infection.

The intravenous treatment

The intravenous treatment of burns with BMOV offers an innovative and promising route to influence the level of injury in a positive way. With this, the BMOV program potentially brings fundamental relieve in serious disabling inflictions with a strong emotional impact caused by burns. The major strengths of the BMOV program are its recognized safety profile, its reputed mechanism of action, and its single dose treatment.

The value of BMOV

In this respect CFM recognizes the value of BMOV as the only promising treatment of its kind at this moment, accordingly aimed at setting a new standard of care in burn wound repair.

Burns can be caused by thermal energy, chemical reactions or electricity. Such an insult causes a direct destruction of skin tissue by heat necrosis of cells. Subsequently, the injured tissue elicits a secondary response, which is characterized by the release of inflammatory mediators. This results in an increase of the area at risk of necrosis and secondary tissue injury.

In the time-frame following the direct burn insult, the severity of the wound injury increases, even before healing is starting. The wound healing process results in the formation of scar tissue, which can be distinguished from normal tissue by its color, state of hypertrophy, contraction and poor pliability.

The resulting tension and limited mobility of the scar tissue can cause chronic pain and restriction of movement. Furthermore, the cosmetic characteristics of scar tissue can cause severe psychological and social problems.

Therefore, an effective treatment of burn wounds needs to limit this (secondary) wound injury, to support tissue repair, and to improve scar formation. The investigational drug, BMOV has shown these effects in a wide range of animal studies

Company status

CFM has completed the preparations for the phase II program in the indication of Burn wounds