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“ CFM is providing new standards in tissue repair. ”



CFM is continuously investigating new drug compounds to ensure cutting edge therapies in trauma care at great length.



In order to expand its field of target indications, CFM tests new compounds in collaboration with leading international research groups.

Life Sciences / Pharma

CFM Pharma Holding BV (CFM) is a private Dutch pharmaceutical company with a unique patented tissue protection and tissue repair technology platform.

This platform covers the intravenous administration of Organic Vanadium (IV+) Compounds of which the beneficial effects on protection of tissue and promotion of tissue repair have been described in numerous scientific publications.

CFM Pharma Holding has three operational companies: Tirsys Pharma BV (Burns), Armadillo Pharma BV (Trauma) and Vancard Pharma BV (myocardial infarction (MI)).

Burns, Trauma and MI have a serious impact on quality of life and mortality

Until now there is no drug that remarkably reduces the tissue damage after a traumatic event (including Burns and MI) and also induces repair of the damaged tissue area. CFM intends to change this with the introduction of a new safe and effective treatment.

Research & Development

CFM focusses on apoptotic research (programmed cell death) and the development of anti–apoptotic and tissue repair drugs. The company has the support from opinion leaders in the target areas and is specialised in therapeutic vanadium compounds.

Target indications


  • Burns, of second and third degree burns (orphan drug indication)
  • Myocardial Infarction (heart infarction
  • Polytrauma and trauma in general

Preclinical data of CFM’s drug compound VANADIS® have demonstrated excellent results in preventing ischemic injury: over 40% reduction of infarct size in MI and up to 90% prevention of secondary tissue damage in Burns, and excellent protection of kidneys in Trauma setting (Intensive Care). Key pathways have been demonstrated in clinical trials in diabetic patients with an oral application of a similar compound.